Fine Robusta Vietnam – Positioning Ritachi Coffee on the map of world coffee

| | – Precious coffee beans are like precious gems – that is the expression of Mr. Pham Khac Tai at TT Di Linh, the founder of Ritachi coffee brand, creating the fine taste of Fine Robusta coffee. This is the coffee line that is favored by the world market, from here, confirming the quality of Robusta coffee line on the Vietnamese plateau.

Fine Robusta Vietnam – Positioning Ritachi Coffee on the map of world coffee

Born in the land of coffee capital of Bao Loc City, Pham Khac Tai’s start-up with coffee is not too strange. “There is no way to succeed if we do not engage” – Pham Khac Tai opened the story when I asked about his startup process.

Fine Robusta Vietnam - Định vị Ritachi Coffee trên bản đồ cà phê
Fine Robusta Vietnam – Positioning Ritachi Coffee on the map of world coffee

Mr. Pham Khac Tai always treasures coffee beans like jewels. Image: H.Y

Ritachi – The jewel

“A few years ago, when” clean coffee “was something very strange to people who love this drink. Even, many people are accustomed to drinking “dirty coffee” so much that when they drink a “clean coffee” cup, they immediately criticize it for being so bad. It was then that I saw the opportunity open for me. At that time, I thought that if I launched a clean, quality product, it would be easier for me to succeed. I immediately embarked on a thorough study of the sources of goods as well as the processing process. At first, I could not find a place to teach coffee making, although I had to search for a whole month but I was rejected, ”Pham Khac Tai shared the first day he came to the field of coffee roasting.

Many difficulties when hand over a new career because he had studied in banking before, at one point he thought about giving up because it was too far away. Antoine de Saint-Exupery once said, “A goal without a plan is still a dream”. The dream of clean coffee goes with him, so he goes with him. On the day they sold coffee, roasted and roasted at night, then returned to their hometown to learn how the people in the village still prepared it for themselves to drink. Just like a child, starting with the first steps, unsteady but that is what Tai is able to constantly strive to bring customers excellent coffee cups bearing bold mark. seal of each specific coffee growing region of Vietnam.

Mr. Tai recounted: “I used to weave into paths that no one has ever set foot in, where the K’Ho ethnic minority villages live, to study and research coffee. The more I do the work I’m passionate about, the more I enjoy it. Experiencing a long journey at first is very dark, but when you focus and put all your energy into coffee, “light” will appear. Meeting with customers, partners, experts and masters in the field of coffee, especially farmers help me find my direction. Instead of making a profit on each cup of coffee, I have a bigger dream than to create more value from the coffee beans, according to my calculations, it is difficult to produce and supply only in this model. Development, because in these years, many new names have been approaching, not to mention the famous coffee brands from abroad into Vietnam market. So I decided to open NOSAVI (Vietnam Agricultural Products) Co., Ltd., established my brand of clean coffee Ritachi Coffee with a completely new product segment in Vietnam that is Fine Robusta Vietnam, ”Mr. Tai said. know.

The reason he named his brand is Ritachi Coffee because Ritachi in Spanish means a gem, for him coffee is a gem, if honed, it will produce perfect products.

Associated with Vietnamese coffee brand

Vietnam is famous for Robusta coffee, which accounts for more than 80% of production and is a major exporter of coffee, but Vietnamese coffee products are not on the world map. When roasters of high quality find Arabica coffee, people will look for Laos, Rosbusta Indonesia market later but still on the world coffee map. This concern, urging Pham Khac Tai to do something. And, after many days of research, he chose the direction to create the taste of Fine Robusta coffee. This is the coffee line that is favored by the world market, from which confirms the quality of Vietnam’s Robusta line, raising a bigger dream than producing pure coffee to supply to the Vietnamese market and export.

Ritachi Coffee is made from 100% pure coffee beans, after the pre-processing and classification process, coffee beans are roasted on the latest hot air roasting technology with skilled roasters. Mr. Tai’s every effort to bring customers excellent coffee cups bearing the mark of each typical coffee growing region of Vietnam.

To do that, Mr. Tai focuses on working closely with farmers, setting up his own Ritachi Coffee Farm system, investing in modern processing, sorting and polishing machines according to export standards and finally research and develop the production of high value-added products from coffee, in order to serve the maximum needs of enjoying diverse customers.

Mr. Tai divides and processes coffee into two types. For robusta line, especially Fine Robusta, he picked 100% ripe dried on the floor under natural sunlight before putting it into peeling, roasting and processing. As for arabica, this variety will be wet processed. Mr. Tai will choose the quality ones that will be removed, shredded, polished and roasted to produce the final product.

Thanks to the experience of all stages of production, Mr. Tai increasingly identifies more and more what is pure coffee. A cup of pure coffee will have brown cockroach wings. In addition, pure coffee cups are not viscous, when drinking the tongue will be clean, not sticking to butter like those with blend. Moreover, when making the Fine Robusta product line, apart from the typical flavors of robusta coffee such as bold and bitter, customers also feel more rich flavors such as chocolate, sour, fruity, … which not all other products can afford.

Mr. Tai shared: “We have to travel far, live for a long time, live and talk like a local to have the most genuine experiences and sharing about coffee. And, the best thing is that you will be immersed in the aroma of sweet white coffee on the Central Highlands.


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